Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Goals

LOL! I'm not even going to TRY to set goals for this year :o( 

2012 Finishes

I'm a little disappointed in my finishes this year but really, I shouldn't be THAT hard on myself considering what a hectic year I had. I only completed one goal but I did manage to stitch four medium size projects and that wasn't even in the original plan :o) In all, I was able to complete 15 projects. Here is the 2012 list -
  • Santa Rides ~ The Prairie Schooler
  • Train ~ The Prairie Schooler
  • Edwin's Monkey ~ Sisters & Best Friends
  • Boo-yah! ~ CherryWood Design Studio
  • Do What Your Wife Said! ~ Lizzie Kate
  • Boris ~ Plum Street Samplers
  • Peep ~ Lizzie Kate
  • Humble Gratitude ~ 4 My Boys
  • Shepherd Bunny ~ The Cricket Collection
  • Flower Motif Pin Kit ~ La-D-Da
  • Be My Sweet Heart ~ The MonkeyWorks
  • Quilt Patch Heart ~ Handblessings
  • Happy Valentine's Day ~ Passione Ricamo
  • Sergei ~ Plum Street Samplers
  • Noah's Crew ~ Imaginating
  • Gingerbread Snow ~ San Man Originals

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Goals

Oh boy (notice the pun!), this year is going to prove tricky ;o) With a new little one on the way, I'm not sure how much time I'll have for stitching but I'm going to give it an honest go. I've given this much thought and this is what I've come up with -
  • Noah & The Gang by Sue Hillis (for Junior) ~ 0/1
  • one UFO ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate ~ 0/1
  • one monthly SAL project (Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate) ~ 0/1
  • twelve ornament sized projects (one for each month of the year) ~ 10/12
I 'do' think it's 'doable' but we'll see how cooperative Junior will be ;o)

2011 Finishes

I am SO happy with my finishes this year! I can't believe that I achieved my 2011 goals by more than 100% :o) I had planned on completing 18 projects but in the end, 20 were completed. Awesome! Here is a list of my finishes for 2011 -
  • Snow Friends ~ Bent Creek
  • Christmas Rules ~ Lizzie Kate
  • Snow Swirls ~ San Man Originals
  • Winter Silhouette ~ Imaginating
  • Snowman Flatbed ~ Bent Creek
  • By The Full Moon ~ Ink Circles
  • Halloween Coins ~ Bent Creek
  • Autumn ~ San Man Originals
  • BooO! ~ Bent Creek
  • Fall Owl ~ Casey Buonaugurio
  • Sabrina ~ Mirabilia
  • Rabbit Egg ~ Elisa Tortonesi
  • Spring Is In The Air ~ Val's Stuff
  • Springtime ~ Vals' Stuff
  • Charmed Flake: Survivor/Hope ~ Hinzeit
  • Chilly From Snowman Trio ~ Stitchy Kitty
  • Irish Luck ~ Just Another Button Company
  • February Is Sweet ~ Pine Mountain Designs
  • Cuddle Up Snowmen 2 ~ Stoney Creek
  • The Merry Skater ~ Little House Needleworks

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 Goals

With a new year come new stitching goals. I've been thinking about these for about the past month now. It really is serious business you know! LOL! I'm going to tweak things a little bit this time around since I did not meet my 2010 goals :o( So here is my final list -
  • two WIP/UFOs (one will definitely be Sabrina) ~ 2/2 DONE!!!!
  • one monthly SAL project (Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate) ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • one medium project (hopefully Gentleman Quaker or Pumpkin Cottage) ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • one small project (this would include designs by Bent Creek, HIH, LK, etc.) ~ 1/1 +1 DONE!!!!
  • one small SAL project (Chilly from Snowman Trio by Stitchy Kitty with Jenn) ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • twelve ornament sized projects (one for each month of the year and hopefully they will not only be completed but finished as well) ~ 12/12 +1 DONE!!!!
I think I'm comfortable with this. We'll see how it goes...

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Finishes

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't meet all my goals in 2010 but I did manage to squeeze in more ornament sized pieces than I had hoped for. I think my biggest let down was the fact that I did not get Sabrina completed :o( But...I had planned on completing 16 projects and in the end, I had 23! Here is the list of finishes for 2010 -
  • Cuddle Up Snowmen 3 ~ Stoney Creek
  • Oh Joy ~ Val's Stuff
  • Oh Joy ~ Val's Stuff
  • Happy Skater ~ Little House Needleworks
  • Thankful Kiss ~ The Cricket Collection
  • Pumpkin Kiss ~ The Cricket Collection
  • C Is For Cure ~ Lizzie Kate
  • C Is For Cure ~ Lizzie Kate
  • Esperance ~ Danybrod
  • 'Tis Green ~ La-D-Da
  • Gingerbread Tree ~ Little House Needleworks
  • Season Of Love ~ Country Cottage Needleworks
  • Piping Plover ~ Crossed Wing Collection
  • A Bunny For Baby ~ JBW Designs
  • Bunnies In A Basket ~ Brittercup Designs
  • Winter Welcome ~ Hob Nobb Designs
  • Dogs Leave Paw Prints ~ Lizzie Kate
  • Dogs Leave Paw Prints ~ Lizzie Kate
  • 2006 Snowman Ornament ~ Mount Forest FrameWorks
  • Frosty Friends ~ Mosey N Me
  • Snowbound ~ Heart In Hand
  • 2008 Snowman Freebie ~ The Prairie Schooler
  • Let It Snow ~ Heart In Hand

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 Goals

I've decided to continue on with my goal method because it seems to suit me much better. Again, I have changed the numbers around so we'll see how well I can do in my third year using this method :o)

This is what I would like to accomplish in 2010 -
  • one large project (this will either be a L&L or a Mirabilia design) ~ 0/1
  • two medium projects (Gentleman Quaker will be one and the other will be determined later on) ~ 1/2
  • two small projects (this would include designs by Bent Creek, HIH, LK, etc.) ~ 2/2 DONE!!!!
  • twelve ornament size projects (one for each month of the year) ~ 12/12 plus 8 extra DONE!!!!
Doable? Possibly. Whether it is or not, I'm willing to give it a shot!

2009 Finishes

I am SO proud of myself this year and I LOVE my new system of planning my goals for the year. I managed to not only meet 100% of my goals, I also went beyond and packed in a few extra projects :o) Here is my list of finishes for 2009 -
  • 2004 Snowman Ornament ~ Mount Forest FrameWorks
  • My Lady's Quaker ~ Jardin Prive
  • Purple Penguin ~ Casey Buonaugurio
  • Christmas Sampler ~ The Needle & I
  • Frog Biscornu ~ Casey Buonaugurio
  • Stitchie Witchie ~ Brooke's Book Publishing
  • Stitch To Win ~ The Prairie Schooler
  • Beach Cottage ~ Country Cottage Needleworks
  • Hare's Easter ~ Plum Street Samplers
  • Snowman Photobooth ~ Bent Creek
  • Dewdrop ~ Just Nan
  • Seaside Sweethearts ~ Lanarte
  • Chill Out ~ Heart In Hand

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Goals

Well, it seems that I did so well with my 2008 goals that I've decided to use the same method this year :o) The only thing I'm going to change are the number of projects because I know this will be a busy year for us and my stitching time will be cut short.

This is what I would like to accomplish in 2009 -
  • one large project (I have this narrowed down to a Lanarte or a L&L design) ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • one medium project (I've already started on one so hopefully I'll finish it) ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • two small projects (this would include patterns by Bent Creek, HIH, LK, etc.) ~ 2/2 DONE!!!!
  • five ornament size projects (this would include anything in the JCS ornament issues and patterns of similar size) ~ 5/5 DONE!!!!
I've narrowed it down a bit from last year so we'll see how well I do this year :o)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 Finishes

I was SOOOOOO close! SO CLOSE! Agh! Out of the goals I set for myself this past year, I was able to finish all but ONE project. ONE! How is that for dedication? :o) Here is my list of finishes for 2008 -
  • My Best Friend ~ Mill Hill
  • Peace Love & A Cure ~ Lizzie Kate
  • Heart Stitcher ~ A Mon Ami Pierre
  • The Crab Is In ~ Waxing Moon Designs
  • Stargazer ~ Mirabilia
  • Herb Garden ~ Little House Needleworks
  • The Needlework Shop ~ Country Cottage Needleworks
  • Night Owl ~ The Prairie Schooler
  • Halloween Fairy ~ Nora Corbett
  • Peppermint Paul ~ Helga Mandl
  • A Merry Kitty Klaus ~ Val's Stuff
  • Alphabet With Hare ~ La-D-Da