Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Goals

Well, it seems I did not do so well with my list of goals for 2007 :oS Basically I completed 7 out of the 31 projects that I listed. That's 23%. Last year it was 55%! So...this year I have decided to do things differently. Instead of listing the 'actual' projects that I want to stitch, I'm breaking things down into four categories - large, medium, small and ornament size.

This is what I would like to accomplish for 2008 -

  • one large project (this would include L&L, Mirabilia, Lanarte, etc.) ~ 1/1 DONE!!!!
  • three medium projects (this would include some LHN, Sam Sarah Designs, Imaginating, etc.) ~ 2/3 done
  • four small projects (this would include Bent Creek, HIH, Dragon Dreams, etc.) ~ 4/4 DONE!!!!
  • five ornament size projects (this would include anything from the JCS Ornament Issues, LK, San Man Originals, etc.) ~ 5/5 DONE!!!!
I'm thinking this will be more manageable and achievable ;o)

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'Berta said...

I love your idea of dividing projects into size - brilliant!